Friday, 21 January 2011

UCL Candlelight Vigil For Gaza

By Ruth Sanderson

Today, citizens from all over London gathered in the front Quad of UCL (University College London), for a candlelight vigil to remember those massacred in the 22 day Israeli attack - Operation Cast Lead, that claimed 1, 417 lives (2008 - 2009).

The Massacre of Gaza attempted to silence the Palestinians, silence the music of hope that keeps them going and silence Justice. To silence Justice is impossible: not even the Zionists are capable of this.

We will stand with Gaza and keep the flame of hope alight. We will stand with Gaza, light each other's candles until the siege on Gaza ends. We will stand with Gaza in the face of oppression, until Israel respects the very essence of humanity, until it respects those whose land it took, until it ends its barbaric and primitive rape of Gaza: until the Zionist rapacious disposition is done with.
"Israel have you become the evil you deplored?" I think you have.
(video from Sternchen)

The hour and a half vigil was a beautiful scene: passionate individuals who had gathered in the cold January night to remember the butchering of fellow human beings 2 years ago. This solidarity reminds us all that there are still individuals who will fight for the Freedom and Justice of others.

Fire, the whispering of Palestinian flags and the deafening one minute silence kept the atmosphere alive. Accompanied with speeches from inspirational speakers such as Sameh Habeeb - the editor of The Palestine Telegraph, the ambience was one of energy!

We all have a duty to remember our commitment to Justice and Freedom: even in the oppressive face of the pseudo-religion known as Zionism.

This is the beginning of something big.


  1. Was present at the vigil and it was great to see so many people to turn up. We will never forget...

  2. Too bad that Hamas allows its people no freedom to learn other than what Hamas sees fit, allows no freedom for its people to play together, swim together or reach out their hands in peace rather than targeting Israeli schoolchildren with their rockets. Like fascists everywhere, Hamas have chosen the path of war, lie about their enemy, indoctrinate their own young with dreams of "martyrdom" and boast of their people's courage in facing death instead of their commitment to doing something constructive with their lives. Their careless politicians are even boastful enough to speak of human shields as a good thing. Recognition of these facts is at the root of the Gaza Youth Manifesto. Israel deserves criticism, but there's nothing genocidal about them, unlike their enemies. Consider the evil that you do in the world in supporting Iran's evil puppets.

  3. Why oh why oh why do you still flog this dead horse? The world is sick unto death of the whinging about freedom and justice for the Palestinians. Palestinians are free, there is justice, and the consequences flow like a river to the sea.