About The LSE SU Palestine Society

The London School of Economics Palestine Society is a society made up of a variety of students, who are united under the umbrella of justice for the Palestinian people. We all have differing opinions on what has happened in Palestine, what is happening and the prospect for peace: however what we can all agree on, is that what is happening is unconditionally wrong. Immoral. Unjust. 

As one of the most active societies on campus we run two major campaigns: The Right to Education and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. The former campaign has seen us twin with the University of Gaza, which was naturally demolished after Operation Cast Lead. This campaign has led to over 30 academics at the LSE to agree to make their electronic resources (such as articles, and lectures notes) available to the IUG. The Society also intends for the materials to be freely accessible to all other educational institutions in the region following agreements with IUG. The BDS movement at the LSE has just achieved a great victory as we managed to get Eden Springs Water off campus. Eden Springs is an illegal Israeli water product sourced from the demilitarised zone of the Golan Heights

The LSE Palestine Society has also had a stream of events, ranging from talks with Jews for Justice, Ben White, William Parry, Abdel Bari Atwan, George Galloway, Alan Hart, Jeremy Corbyn, Dr. Swee Ang and Charlie Veitch. These events seek to raise awareness, education, galvanise and impassion. We also have our fair share of attention and hawking from Zionist media outlets. Outlets whom we do not react to - we are a society that sets the agenda, not reacts to it. 

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