Diary of Mutaz

Mutaz is a 24 year old student from Nablus, West Bank who shall be keeping an online diary to provide readers with a personal view on Israel's illegal occupation.

Saturday 2nd April 2011:  
Bilal is Free!

Yes! Finally he is free. I am so happy. Last night I received great news. Bilal my best friend was is finally free. 

He was released from the Israeli prison, which means that he is able to continue this semester at the university. Yes I am happy for Bilal he was arrested 3 weeks ago by the Israeli army, they attacked his home at 2 am, they exploded his home door, it was a really difficult night for him and for his family as well as all the neighborhood.

At 1 am a force from the Israeli army attacked Nablus & they went to Bilal’s neighborhood, they started attacking homes of civilians home by home even the knew where Bilal’s home is. That happens always. Maybe as Palestinians we have got used to this.

It was a fight between Bilal’s mother & the commander of this force simply she won’t allow them to arrest Bilal easily, maybe she was wrong but she is his mother and she can’t let them take him that easily. At least she wanted Bilal to wear his jacket because it was very cold night. Finally Bilal went with them wearing his jacket, yes she succeeded.

The Israeli forces took Bilal to Hawwarah Camp (it is an Israeli military area) after few hours they moved him to BitahTiqva prison, (it’s an intelligence prison). Bilal stayed their 3 weeks in horrible situation and shameful circumstances. Because of what?  Because Bilal’s believes, because of nothing. But it seems that the Palestinians destiny.

Bilal is not the first one that happened to him, many of the Palestinians had the same experience. Had the same times in being imprisonment without reason. Many of these Palestinians lost their jobs & lost many semesters. Bilal is lucky this time because he can complete his semester which means he will not lose anther semester, because he already has lost one semester because of an ex-arrest by PA. Anyway Bilal is free now & I am happy for him & for his family too.