Friday, 21 January 2011

LSE Palestine Society Stunt: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions - Eden Springs

By Nadia Marques de Carvalho
(LSE Palestine Society)

On Thursday 20th January the London School of Economics Palestine Society staged a surprise stunt at midday on Houghton Street, to raise awareness of a recent campaign it has launched to get Eden Springs off its campus. 

LSE Palestine Society Members in the Stunt
The stunt involved having bottles of Eden water symbolically wrapped in barbed wire, surrounded by two Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers on either side. Note some of the bottled water stained symbolically with red tint, to portray the blood of Palestinians. 

The Stunt in the Union General Meeting 

The stunt was a successful and dramatic way to mobilise the student body into standing in solidarity with the core concepts of Justice, Equality and Freedom, which the BDS movement endeavours to achieve in Palestine - well, should I say, The Occupied Territories. 

Signatures filled the petition papers that propose that the university not purchase water coolers and bottled water from Eden Springs UK, which is part of the Israeli company Mey Eden, which appropriates and sells water from sources in Syrian land that has been controversially occupied since 1967.

LSE Palestine Society Committee Members

This campaign to get Eden Springs off campus is only the beginning. 

The LSE Palestine Society are in the process of contacting other British Palestine Societies to follow in suit.

 In solidarity we can end the illegal, Israeli Apartheid regime. 

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Sticker on the London Underground

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