Thursday, 10 February 2011

LSE Palestine Society and Gaza's Right To Education

By Fidan Huseyni

Last term, the electronic resources scheme was piloted, whereby the Right To Education team managed to successfully persuade over 30 LSE academics and major lecturers to agree to make their electronic resources (such as articles, and lectures notes) available to the IUG. The Society also intends for the materials to be freely accessible to all other educational institutions in the region following agreements with IUG. The LSE have now taken on this project and have scheduled procedures whereby these materials can be made available to Palestinian students. This success marks a poignant achievement for the Palestine society at the LSE. We intend to further advance this project by collaborating with more universities and expanding the electronic resources campaign nationwide.

The IUG After Operation Cast Lead
We are also in the process of trialing ‘Project Connect’, which is a mentoring scheme enabling LSE students to tutor university students in Palestine, via email and online video conferencing. We paired LSE students with students from the Islamic University of Gaza and the aim of the project is to provide academic assistance, any advice regarding their English and essay structuring. 

We hope to continue seeking ways in helping to alleviate the distress the people in Palestine face on a daily basis.

As the a member of the LSE Palestine Society, Nadiya, superbly put, “We may not be able to participate in peace talks, but we can empower the Palestinian students with a gift far more sustainable and superior than money: education”.

This year the LSE Palestine Society has been continuing to run the Right To Education campaign. Following last year’s great accomplishment of twinning the LSE with the Islamic University of Gaza, new projects on education in Palestine were launched.

Islamic University of Gaza before the Israeli terrorist attacks


  1. God bless u all. InshaƁllah it will be a great success and you be able to do what you aim for.

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  2. Love it!

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  3. This is amazing!

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  4. The LSE have now gone up against this anticipate and have planned strategies whereby these materials can be made accessible to Palestinian understudies. This achievement denote a strong accomplishment for the Palestine society at the LSE.

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